A New Beginning

A New Beginning

I have a new book coming out on Feb. 7th! Squee! It’s Killer Secrets and you can see the back blurb on that on my Home page.

I know writing is not an instant road to success. I’ve been here before. But, I intend to do better than I did when I started writing with a partner in 2007. We worked hard, put out great stories, and worked our tails off on marketing, only it led to few sales. There were other factors at play with the publisher, as well. In the end, we gave up and drifted apart.

I am back to writing and very excited to be publishing a story once again–this time on my own. It’s a romantic suspense, a niche I love. I’m already working on book 2, Killer Lies, which takes place in the same fictional upstate NY city. I am determined to build up a readership of people, who can enjoy my stories and who will look forward to the next tale I put out. I know that every time a reader picks up one of my books that I am making a contract with them that they will get a story that delivers Excitement, Suspense and Romance with Heart. Yes, there is a reason for that tag line! 🙂

I’m also going to do a better job with social marketing. I’m not sure how and part of me feels like a thousand needles are being poked in my skin at the thought, but I will put myself out there. That said, I am not going to be everywhere doing everything. I’m going to be smart about where I spend my time and how I spend it. I work full time and have a family. It’s hard enough squeezing in writing time as it is.

For the most part, I will keep up with my blog. Once a week sounds good to me. I’ll try to hit Twitter and my Facebook page. Lastly, I am going to put a lot of effort in creating a monthly newsletter that gives value to those readers who take the time to sign up for it.

So, be on the lookout for Killer Secrets published by Black Velvet Seductions Publishing. Out Feb. 7th!

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